finding peace.

i planned to write to you all yesterday evening about how i save a few bucks here & there. then, without expecting it one bit, luke swept me off my feet. he surprised me with a candlelit dinner in the comfort of our home along with my favorite ice cream, my own copy of "feeding the whole family" {!!!}, a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers & a chocolate bar.

his act of kindness warmed my heart & reminded me of the joy it is to be around him each & everyday. our evening wasn't spent at some fancy restaurant complete with dozens of roses & sparkly gems.

it was spent sharing conversation by candlelight. it was spent giving him a little hand-knit cozy for his hot drinks. it was spent loving one another fully & finding peace in who we are & what we have together.

finding peace in where you are... i believe that is the heart of cultivating a family, making a home, building community, spending less & saving a little more. once i began to believe that my identity, my future, our marriage & our lives were not centered around what we could have, i started to see what we had in each other. i began to find myself making more responsible choices that would sustain our lives.

i found myself choosing whole foods at the grocery store to prepare with luke in our home for dinner. i began owning up to my indulgent purchases & choosing to make rather than buy what i believed i "needed."

as i made these small choices one step at a time, our savings began to grow & our quality of life was strengthened.

so, to begin this series- i am reminded, through my husband's small act of kindness, that finding peace is the foundation for saving. i hope you, too, will look around & find joy in what you have & begin to make small, positive change.



amelia said...

beautiful post. being content and peaceful with what is happening *now* is something i am really trying to remain conscious of these days. thank you.

morgandkim said...

thank you

Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, it is always good to be reminded of this--that what we have is enough. I can spend so much time thinking about the future and planning for the future that I miss the beauty of today, of the here and now. And it is so easy for me to forget that we will always have enough. I should have faith that our needs will always be provided for. What more do we actually need than food, shelter, clothing, and love?

abby said...

So true Natalie.

ida said...

what a beautiful handmade card - love really is all around.

The Brazen Belter said...

Hi Natalie,
A lovely post, and one in which I am finally compelled to share with you! I've been reading your blog for many months now without so much of a peep. From your writing, I've really gotten the sense that you live in the "now", whatever that may be - joy, love, sadness, confusion. And that is so powerful. You're awesome!

Lotte Janssens said...

lovely lovely flowers in the top picture

Yolande Tiller said...

There’s nothing a loving heart can’t conquer! Live light by being content with what you have. It’s good that you were able to see what your husband has been trying to say to you. With the collective support of your family, change toward the right path can be just as easy.

-Yolande Tiller

fullheartemptyhands said...

Such a good reminder for me today. Thanks, Natalie.

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