along our walk.

we walked around the neighborhood, scattering milkweed seeds along the way.


ps. takin' a trip to st. louis with the love + friends. good food from {winslow's home} + trader joe's will definitely be part of the mix.


Luke Freeman said...

I love these photos! They remind me of when I proposed on the hilltop.

brady said...

enjoy winslow home! it's the best!

brady said...

oops. this is callie!

Jess said...

those things are my faaavorite! I don't see them around here, though. : ( I need to come take a walk in your neighborhood.

Elisabelle said...


PrayerGrove said...

that is so romantic luke! what a great memory i bet :)
these photos are enchanting, and i would never say something like that... normally ;)

Paullyn Villaseñor said...

these shots are beautiful.
like wishes out of hibernation.*

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