a little gift...

right now i am absolutely in love with old book pages.
& lucky for us- as luke & i were perusing a little antique shop- we found a beautiful german world atlas published in 1927!
the maps were too beautiful not to share so i posted a series on my {etsy shop!}
i am also offering free shipping on the original prints, too.

& as a big thank you for following along on the journey of this blog & my shop, i am offering a free map print as a giveaway! the print will be a surprise & not listed in the shop!
i will randomly pick a winner on february 10th!

just make sure to leave your name & email along with a comment about what you'd like to see more of on this little blog of mine.

thanks, everyone!
i cannot believe it has been over two years & almost 200 entries since i started this blog. i've never been more consistent with anything in my life.
i guess you guys are just too awesome!



morgandkim said...


my favourite part of your blog is your little stories of your day. so keep those coming..
kimberley [dot] tm [at] gmail [dot] com

have a great day.

Jess said...
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onelonelyapricot said...

I love it just as it is, but I always wish I could see more of your home! I'm always inspired by your decorating style. :) - Kristen

kristenspickard [at] gmail.com

Tori said...

is it weird for me to enter this since i'm your bff?


i'm dying for one of these!

bright lights, big cities said...

I know, I love those prints too! One of these days you need to come to paris and go to the brocantes with cyrille and i! really, the stuff there is crazy... you'd have a hayday! Currently, we are looking for an old globe from the 40's, we haven't found the best one yet!

natalie, i love your blog and I don't even know what i would want to see more of... by maybe some recipes. You seem to have some good tastes and i would mind makin' the same things!

keep it up!


Rochelle said...

I always enjoy your picture heaviest posts so that's my only request. You know how much I <3 your photos. Let's add some more to my house soon!

abby said...

I love old book pages too,
AND old maps :)

I really enjoy your beautiful photos and thoughts on the simple daily things in life. You have a fresh honesty and realness that I appreciate. So just keep on doing what you're doing!

Jenna said...

Hey natalie, I love seeing pictures of your adorable house and neighborhood-- they make me look forward to the day when I no longer live in a dorm!


Jess said...

I deleted my comment to make a new one - I think my email address was getting undue attention from spammers. anyhow! I love everything you do, but especially photos of food. (surprise)
love you girl!

Rebekah said...

I love it when you post your latest and greatest ventures in your kitchen! Keep the wonderful recipies a coming!!


Katrin said...

you're blog helps me refocus my day and gives me hope that my life can feel this way too.
katrin [dot] sticha [at] gmail [dot] com

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