spring rearranging + a bit on budgeting

i rearranged the house this weekend & added some fresh flowers along with a new {rosemary plant}. it makes such a difference having a little green around to brighten my spirits & kick those winter blues that seem to be creeping in. it also helped to read the latest {3191} & mav's take on overcoming the winter blues. you have no idea how much tea i've been drinking & oranges i've been eating since reading her tips... & you know- it really has helped!

of course, the month of february always reminds us of our spending habits. as soon as the tax returns roll in, we are reminded of how quickly we went through last year's.

this year has to be different, though. with the expenses of moving & not being sure of what they future holds for us {we are becoming "adults" with real jobs!}, saving our money is key! luke is an excellent saver. i, on the other hand, live in the moment... to put it nicely. so, this idea of "saving" is pretty foreign to me. thankfully i have a husband who will kindly nudge me into the right, frugal, penny-pinching direction.

i hope to have a sort of "savings" series on this blog... i'm not committing to too much... just sort of letting you guys know what i do this month to save a little more. it is definitely not "rocket science," but it is good to be mindful of where money is spent. to start off- some tips on making a {meal plan}!

have a lovely week, friends!
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Jess said...

Natalie! I followed the link to see your meal planning stuff - I love Feeding the Whole Family! that is the best hummus recipe I have ever in my life tried.
anyhow.. I'm meal planning, too. I've started to do a 2 week rotation, where I come up with 14 meals, then repeat for the second half of the month. this will be my second month trying it. I really like it so far b/c it makes it simpler for me to budget for the entire month.
oh! and I love your decorating. wish you could come shake this place up a bit, too.

brittany s. said...

great suggestions on flickr for meal planning! i always struggle with this; i'm prone to picking dinners with too many ingredients and then burning out after 2-3 weeks. i've also wanted to get "Whole Family" for awhile, and your blog is inspiring me to finally order it.

would love to see a return of him+her. your pictures and commentary are so insightful. keep up the great blogging!

abby said...

I look forward to your savings suggestions. We have not been the best at developing much of a savings, though we are pretty frugal with the spending (so it seems!).

I love that little handmade pot.

Lotte Janssens said...

your place looks so lovely

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