happy march!

happy march, friends!

we had a great end to the month of february... {tori} came to stay with us & our fayetteville friends stopped by for a visit! we enjoyed a delicious cafe berlin breakfast, some nice thrifting, good conversation, a trip to the nursery for some new plants & warm weather.

we also got some great news! our fayetteville friends- vivian & the fam- are moving up here!
in three weeks!
i can hardly contain my excitement! they are such a lovely bunch & will be here so soon!

so many good things are happening!

& to share a bit of what is inspiring me... i opened my flickr this afternoon to find three really beautiful photos. {thought i'd share them with you!}

+ {heather's drawing from nature}
+ {amy's clementines}
+ {stephanie's split pea soup}

have a good night!



2SmellyKids said...

Nat! it was so good running into you today! Check out my comics lady! Hope your day goes well!

Luke Freeman said...

Beautiful photos! March is off to a good start, I agree. Warm weather, planting seeds, spontaneous trips to Sparky's. It feels like spring.

heather smith jones said...

That is so exciting that your friends are moving there! It's kind of like a dream of mine, for faraway friends to move closer.
And Natalie, to know that my work/photo inspired you makes me so happy. Thank you.

Vivian said...

Don't know how I missed this - was so busy with the move until now! Your shout out was so sweet and we are equally excited to be here and grateful to you guys for all your help in making that happen! I was so glad we got plenty of our Freeman-fix this weekend and hope we can do it again soon!

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