a little garden therapy

this week has been really difficult.
i won't go into details, but lets just say- this week has been a real stinker. still, to my surprise, i can control the ways that i respond & deal with my emotions & overall mood. who would of thought?!

& one way i have learned how to cope with my mood swings & winter funk is to get my hands dirty. digging in the dirt, planting a seed, hoeing a bit... all of these simple tasks really clear my mind & lift my spirits.

so i am thankful that my internship is giving me the opportunity to start the gardening season a little earlier than our own garden at our home.

i always look forward to gathering the chicken's eggs. we also placed the head lettuce in the coop to harden them off. we will start planting them in the ground sometime next week.

we also thinned out the spinach in the hoop house. a mini spinach leaf salad has such flavor.

nothing quite compares to an afternoon of hard work to rejuvenate the mind, body & spirit.



abby said...

that's so right Natalie! Great job on keeping yourself going with your head in the right space. Your internship seems like a dream job. I saw your flickr photos earlier and thought "hardening off?? Wow, I need to get with it on my planting!"

Jess said...

wow, wish I could come with you! I could really use some digging in dirt right now. this has been a difficult season, hasn't it? perhaps spring will bring something new for us.

Luke Freeman said...

I love these garden photos! It makes me so happy to see you find joy in working with your hands, planting seeds, and feeding the chickens. It reaffirms that we were meant to be together. You're my farmer girl!


Lotte Janssens said...

so nice !

marcia at Child in Harmony said...

I love your photos!
I have found that when times are tough, nature really does help, and life all gets put into perspective.

happy day!

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