happy spring, friends!

spring is finally here & we can feel it... 70 degrees & sunny!

we celebrated the newness of this beautiful season with sun tea,
clean clothes hung on the line & finishing our spring garden.

i am looking forward to what this season has to offer...
the excitement of graduating, the time spent cultivating our little plot
& the adventure of moving to a new place
to make a new life.
wherever that may be.

enjoy your sunday evening, friends!



jessie said...

beautiful clean clothes hanging on the line! i love the simplicity and the scent i imagine. and dang, 70 degrees and sunny? more like SUMMER.. in time, in time. oh, humidity. :)

Lil said...

Your sun tea looks delicious....and I love your clothes line!

Luke Freeman said...

Spring is our season! Life has been so good. I feel like we are both coming back to life with all this gardening and time outside. Working with you in the garden on Sunday was so much fun! Our garden is looking great--thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

hello natalie,
I find your blog so incredibly beautiful! You write with such awareness and maturity..and your photos are simply stunning. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us these moments of your life, and please keep up your inspiring work!

Wish you all the best,
Anne-C from Norway

Megon and Julie said...

your blog is gorgeous and your shop is amazing!! i believe you and i are friends who just haven't met yet! i live in CoMo as well, work at clovers, have a blog AND an etsy. Possible future besties??

Jess said...

love these photos. you sent me a postcard on that beautiful day, and now it sits in a little frame next to a basket of shells. I am missing you and CoMo, and those sweet days of fresh laundry and sun tea.

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