i must first begin with a big thank you.
i cannot even begin tell you how much your words meant to me... the emails, messages, comments & friends here simply asking... you are all so great & truly encouraging. as we drove into oklahoma, i was reminded of all of your advice... don't instantly judge, seek the adventure, you will be with your life partner through all of this. & without even really noticing, i was walking into the library to ask questions, excited for the many amazing {!!!} thrift shops & scouting out potential homes.
the biggest moment came when i was checking out at salvation army. the woman asked where i was from & i told her my husband & i were here for a visit for an interview. she sighed heavily & wished me the best. she told me that jobs seemed to be the topic for the day; many were coming in without jobs, scraping by until something came their way. she only received part-time hours & her roommate finally found a job after months of searching.
i thanked her & as i walked out realized, i am so privileged. this "problem" of finding the perfect piece of land with similar, like-minded people surrounding me & a career for luke so that i can focus on creative pursuits is actually, not a "problem" at all. it is tough to admit when you're completely oblivious to your unearned privilege, but i am most of the time. i am thankful for the woman at salvation army who knocked me out of my selfish mindset.
when luke came back from his interview, he was so excited for this job opportunity. i, too, was excited. we can make this place home just like our comfortable little town of columbia, missouri.

& onto learning about yourself & how much you have to learn, my birthday was on monday. at only 22, there are many more discoveries to be made!

sweet luke did everything! he baked the cake, built the fire pit, prepared the grass-fed burgers & entertained everyone. over 50 friends came to the party! i was so shocked to see so many of those that i love.

& it was also so bittersweet. i will miss these people, this community so much, but there is so much to look forward to. we must keep our heads up as we look forward.
we find out in about a week if luke was accepted for the job. keep us in your thoughts as we anxiously wait.



Anonymous said...

I had been thinking a lot about your last post and am so happy to read that things so not seem so bad afterall. I think Fayetteville is several hours from Norman Oklahoma, but there is a wonderful place there called the Main Street Dinner and in Bartlesville there is a great old Frank Lloyd Wright Hotel. ( My husband has family in both those places... also outside of Chelsea ia a great little place that is dedicated to bowling ball sculpture.
We had to move to West Virginia 3 years ago now from Atlanta with only 2 months notice, it was where Trent got accepted into medical school. At the time I wasn't sure what life would hold for me in WV, but so far even though WV is almost always at the bottom of every poll for happiest state or quality of life I have really liked it here. It is a beautiful place.
I wish all the best for you and Luke, and hope very much he gets the job!

shari said...

natalie, i'm so happy that it was a good trip in so many ways. also, it looks like luke threw you an amazing bday party. thinking of you guys.

abby said...

awesome realizations, and it's true - it can be so easy to forget how fortunate we are, when we are so very fortunate. You guys are always like a breath of fresh air. I always appreciate hearing your honest thoughts.

Another warm happy birthday Natalie. You look radiant! Exciting times ahead!

morgandkim said...

this is so exciting to read. so glad you are excited for the place you are at.
its all gonna be great!

Jess said...

you're right about unearned privilege - it's so easy to overlook. and you're right that no matter where you go, you will find "your people" as Jessie calls them. like-minded friends that you can build a community with. I'm keeping you in my thoughts as you wait to hear.

Julia said...

SO happy to read this! (i meant to write you about your last post and have been thinking about it and you, but apparently my actual response got lost in the craziness of my life right now). you and luke are such a wonderful team and i know you'll make your own home and find community wherever you land. i'm glad your mindset changed while you were there and you were able to look at things in a positive light. good luck to you both!! i know good things are on the horizon for you- no matter what happens.

Julia said...

oh! and happy happiest of birthdays! i had no idea!!

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