a family date in the park

luke, huck & i made a picnic for ourselves under a small tree in the park. we soaked up the sun & i finished my first book of the summer, made from scratch by jenna woginrich. such a beautiful saturday afternoon spent together as a family.

this morning, luke is making blueberry buttermilk pancakes for us. they're almost ready!



Jess said...

yum! to the day and the pancakes. we had blueberry pancakes the other night for dinner - they were fabulous. by the way, gotta love those golden eyebrows.

Luke Freeman said...

What a wonderful day that was! I love summer for this very reason. And you could tell that Huck loves hanging out in the park as well. He was one happy dog.

jessie said...

oh, natalie, so wonderful. i think the linneman family shared a picnic in a spot very close to yours toward the end of last summer..some very favorite photos (and sweet let's go back there memories) from that picnic. amazing way to begin summer :)

bright lights, big cities said...

love those days!! since the weather has been nice, i'm always wanting to picnic!

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