friday estate sale pretties!

happy friday, friends! i woke up early this morning & headed out to an estate sale. once i was there, my head was spinning. so many good pieces & affordable prices, too! i came away with three boxes of ball jelly jars in various shapes & sizes. i added the ones above to my antique booth.

i also picked up a stack of national geographics from 1927, '28 & '29. the photographs are stunningly beautiful & purely vintage. don't worry, those will be added to my {shop} next week!

after such success, i was incredibly inspired to actually finish some projects on my to-do list. i finally tackled the birdcage & stand that had been in my studio for almost a month.

i spray-painted the piece glossy apple red. rust-proof & so cute, i had to do every thing in me not to display it in my kitchen... & keep it there.

perfect as a plant stand for a covered porch, too. i added this beauty to my antique booth just in time for the weekend. i am so thankful for this little burst of inspiration & motivation. this weekend, our family is headed to the lake for a reunion. enjoy the weekend, friends!



Frau Haselmayer said...

Those are the prettiest canning jars EVER! Never seen those...they must be pretty old, I guess. Great find!

Oh, and the birdcage is extremely pretty, too!

Jess said...

beautiful! Jamie and I visited a store called Kudzu today, where many people have antique booths, and I thought of you. saw some cool stuff. I love those jelly jars. I really wish I could flip through those magazines from the 20's! great finds, Natalie!

Anonymous said...

those jelly jars make my heart skip a beat.

i instantly thought they would make beautiful beeswax candles. lovely post as always.


jessie said...

for an extended moment, i imagined that you wrote, "i put the birdcage and stand in the mail to my friend, jessie, just in time for the weekend,"... so cute! :)

ALFIE said...

those jars! those magazines! complete estate sale score!

Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, you are so talented. I know that these passions will lead you to some place wonderful. Even if we don't know where. Keep making the most of it!

Ness said...

oooh...finally getting a chance to catch up on blogs! This is fun stuff! I feel like I haven't been to a good estate sale in ages. I'm glad you are finding "the goods!"

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