weekend gardening

let me just say, i am pretty sure you are getting tired of my many gardening entries. i am totally aware, but lets just be honest- i love getting deep down into the lush green of the leaves & photographing the progress of it all.

i mean really, we are growing food, people! it is so beautiful & incredibly exciting to watch as food grows right in front of us.

our cantaloupe grows inches by the day.

& we have the cutest miniature butternut squash growing up our handmade trellis.

on sunday night, i watched as the bees buzzed in & out of each blossom near our cucumbers & close to our bush beans.

we even have a small watermelon that will soon be tied to the trellis as it grows larger by the day.

this weekend we harvested three cucumbers! crunchy & sweet, we love this heat-tolerant variety from johnny's seeds.

of course, there are multiple purposes for freshly harvested food from the garden... a fake mustache is one of many.

happy tuesday to you, friends! i will be over at tend a little later on today!



Sara said...

Lovely photos and food! (and mustaches)

Sean Coder said...

I love reading your garden, and other, posts friend!

abby said...

I will never tire of your garden posts, so don't worry! And I don't think I am alone in that. Love the silly mustache :)

Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, you make our garden look so beautiful! I can't wait to slice open that cantaloupe.

Jess said...

yum! crunchy cucumbers straight from the garden. it doesn't get much better than that. I like peeking in on those little melons, too. grow, babies!

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