making change

last night was so nice. i roasted a whole chicken with fresh herbs from the garden, sauteed fennel & yellow squash from the farmers' market & mashed some new potatoes with fresh cream & rosemary. i also made a blueberry-peach bundt cake for dessert. delicious.

we cleaned up the dishes early, played a game of scrabble & spent the evening reading. luke sewed a patch on the knee of his work pants & i soon fell asleep snuggled close.

our evenings together have become precious, a highlight of my day. with this, i want to savor every moment so i am making change, setting a few boundaries. i plan to be unplugged from my laptop during the weekend. no email, no flickr, no blog. i also want to do this when luke is home from work in the evenings. i hope this change in our daily rhythm will make for open communication & real freedom on our days off.

i am both excited & honestly, a little nervous. do you set boundaries for internet/television time? if not, i hope this serves as a bit of inspiration for you!

happy friday & i'll see you back here on monday.


ps. a little shop update {here}!


abby said...

I don't set internet time boundaries (we don't have a tv), but I really should. It is a bit like my office since I work online, and it is really easy to end up blending work time with blog reading, flickr viewing, garden researching, photo editing, emailing, etc. A lot of time gets eaten up on the computer at the expense of real life time. I *will* take this as inspiration to make a change there (it's needed!). Thanks Natalie, and enjoy your weekend unplugged!

ALFIE said...

i don't watch television--- but i cut my internet time by deleting facebook awhile back. i am definately inspired by your new standard. i'll be considering the same.

another feather said...

Your meal looks wonderful! I too am in the process of setting up boundaries for my online activity/ time spent away from making and my husband. There has to be some sort of happy medium for running a business online, but not becoming consumed with it..I can't wait to hear about your progress/ rewards from this!

bright lights, big cities said...

love the meal...

and i completely understand the whole spending time with the hubby! I know this sounds corny but my husband and I really take time together during dinner time. Since he is so busy with homework, we talk during making dinner, eating, and clean up... It's a special time for me and him and really stems from the family time we had as children w/our families...
It really makes feel that family time with our children will be really special...

Also, we don't limit our internet time (we don't have a tv) but I realize that I get bored on the internet and really step back and focus on something else. Have fun using using your internet free time!!

Jess said...

love the photos - the meal looks delicious, and the cake... well, let's just say I'd be asking to eat dessert first.
I understand what you mean about internet limits. I used to have a rule that I only used the internet until 9pm, and then I liked to be unplugged for my last hour or two, and just do some reading, or cleaning, or whatever. I need to get back to that rule, because it definitely ups my quality of life!

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