adding it all up

i have found that once i begin to actually open up, good things happen. after writing to you all about my hard week, i instantly felt some relief. thanks so much listening. a few friends called me, too. there's nothing better than a little woman-to-woman therapy.

so today, after so much love from you people, i actually got some stuff done around the roost! i hung some pictures on the wall, swept all of the floors & (gasp!) made our bed.

i worked in the garden, too. the rain clouds came in this afternoon & cooled it down a bit. i trained the cucumbers & butternut squash to their trellises & did some weeding.

i also stopped by the thrift & found these beauties. a bag of antique forks for 25 cents (i think i've never loved silverware so much!) & a hand stitched quilt for 2 bucks! i'm pretty sure i made a fool of myself right there in salvation army when i found that quilt just sitting there in a pile.

hey, it's those little moments in life that really add up to the goodness of it all.

any goodness happening to you right now?



ALFIE said...

i'm glowing in the goodness of best friends having babies i get to love on :)

that silverware is nothing short of amazing. $0.25?! my heart can't take it :)

Jess said...

my heart is breaking over that silverware, too! goodness is happening here, although sometimes difficult to find. but taking the kids to the library puppet show today was great. I was laughing so hard I almost cried at one point. laughing is so good for the soul!

bright lights, big cities said...

yeah, the silverware is something i discovered after moving here (the french that is pretty seriously!) gotta love it...

So happy to hear you're doing better and making the bed ALWAYS helps!

finally i have a full time job here to help me better my french and gain back my independence. nothing could be better for me right now.

Anonymous said...

cheap thrills are the best. i still can't get over that $2 quilt, it's adorable. :)

Luke Freeman said...


It is so good to hear you sound hopeful. There are so many good things to appreciate about life right now and I am happy that you are dwelling on those positive things--like a beautiful garden and great vintage finds! I know you can make the most of this situation.


onelonelyapricot said...

I have similar moments in thrift stores. :)

another feather said...

I can't believe that quilt was only $2! what a wonderful find!

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