oregon in film: alberta neighborhood

due to technical difficulties (also known as the film lady scanned my negatives backward so i need to edit all of them), the farmers' market photos will simply have to wait. although i am without pretty vegetable photos for today, i am so excited to express my love for the alberta neighborhood in portland. its an absolute gem! so funky & bursting with flavor.

i took this photo for luke, knowing he would get a kick out of seeing a greenhouse in a front yard. he loved it & wished we could do the same. amazing, right?

between the alberta co-op grocery, sweet little store fronts & the many urban gardens- i could see luke & i calling this wonderful neighborhood home. perhaps someday. for now, trips out west will do just fine.



HomeCollection. said...

oh alberta was one of my favorite districts when i was in portland (2y ago)!
so much memories when i see your pictures..!
(is it a lunch at random order?!)

Jess said...

ah, it's gorgeous!

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