enjoying home

yesterday evening a cool breeze swept through our town & brought with it the most beautiful summer storm. we placed basil in his hutch before dark & sat all of the plants in the yard to take full advantage of the cool summer shower.

we enjoyed leek & potato soup for dinner.

& i added a bouquet of sage to the soup for a bit more of flavor.

i sliced cucumbers from the garden's harvest to add to our feast. so crunchy & sweet.

luke brought home these beauties from the farm for me.
the chicken feathers will soon be made into earrings.

after dinner, we headed to the garden for some weeding & enjoying. we found this little guy tucked under a tomato leaf, chomping on our healthy plant.

this week has been a relief from the gloomy cloud that seems to have been hovering over my mental state. i am thankful for this peace. daily, i am reminded of the privilege to live such a comfortable life even when it isn't necessarily deserved. friends, how are you doing?



Luke Freeman said...

Yesterday was a wonderful evening. I'm really looking forward to our weekend together in Fayetteville. Happy 2nd Anniversary!


onelonelyapricot said...

I love that second photo!

May I ask what you do with your green tomatoes? I had to remove a few branches from my tomato plants after a big storm and have a bowl full of them but am not sure what they could be used for other than pickling or frying. Maybe you can enlighten me!

Jess said...

these photos are all wonderful. I love getting a little taste of your life. I just looked at my calendar today and realized it is your anniversary tomorrow - happy anniversary! we love you guys so much!

Vivian said...

We had a some of that lovely storm up here too - wasn't it such a nice reprieve from all this heat? You're attitude towards life and uncanny ability to find breathtaking beauty (and capture it!) in things that most people would pass right by is a true gift! Love and miss you!

ALFIE said...

your photos are always so lovely. i love the little things that make life so incredibly wonderful.

that sage is amazing! so are those chicken feathers!

Open Roads Mama said...

you are a very tallented photographer! :) love all your photos!

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