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i am so proud of luke & the work he is doing at kerr. last week, luke & his director hosted a garden tour for surrounding farmers to learn about sustainable projects happening on their organic farm.

i learned so much about composting, vermaculture, water-saving irrigation methods & heat-tolerant varieties of heirloom vegetables. i was beaming when luke presented his work on composting with resources from the farm & using worms as nutrient-rich additives for soils. he is a real organic farmer & providing for our family! i just couldn't help but feel incredibly thankful for his passions, hard work & efforts.



Jess said...

kudos to Luke on his presentation! looks like it was a success - wish I could have been there, I have a lot to learn. I can imagine you were just filled with pride watching him, especially with that hat he's wearing. : )

ALFIE said...

and incredibly proud you SHOULD be!!

how fortunate and blessed you are to have such a hard-working and passionate man at your side.

three cheers for you both!

Luke Freeman said...

You are too sweet, Natalie! You're making me blush. Great photos! I know that everyone at the Kerr Center will love to have these pictures.

Liz Goebel said...

Look at Luke doin' his thing! So happy for both of you! I haven't had a chance to read your blog lately, but I am so glad to have time this morning. It is wonderful and makes me miss you lots my sweet friend! Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Loves.

Vivian said...

So awesome! Go Luke! So happy for you both :)

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