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this morning i woke up with a case of the uninspired & unmotivated blues. this really should not be the case due to many happenings in the upcoming months & a handmade christmas on the way. still, it happened.

instead of sitting around hoping that inspiration would smack me upside the head while doing little, piddly things around the house, i decided to get out. i walked around downtown with my film camera, stopped by for a cappucino, called a friend, a visited a favorite antique shop.

there i found shelves of glass bottles.

beautiful arrangements & warm autumn tones.

& this pretty little vase, which i took home with me...

along with a collection of small bottles & a bag of quarts.

before heading off on my creative adventure, i asked my people on facebook what to do with the unmotivated & unispired blues. here are few ideas that may work for you:

+ color in a coloring book
+ take a deep breath & listen to your favorite music
+ {this} sweet little blog
+ {knit} a gift!
+ {make} change
+ go for a walk
+ {build} something!
+{pin} it
+paint white on white
+ read {letters to a young poet}
+google your favorite era or time period
+ renew your {soul}

what are some of your tricks to get the creativity flowing?


Jess said...

love this! I also am in love with glass bottles, when I was little I remember marveling at my dad's collection. he was a surveyor, and always found great, antique bottles in the dirt.
the best cure for me is always getting outside. whether it's the fresh air, the vitamin D (or does the sun help your body process vit D? not sure), or my littles finding (and sharing) joy in everything, it always renews my spirit.
oh, and coffee. ; )

shari said...

that is a pretty vase, natalie. i think i do just what you did: go into town with my journal, pick up a coffee, watch and write. then i come home and play my favorite music and go for a walk in nature.

also, you could ask a friend to send you a few tidbits of inspiration/links each day for a week! hope you are feeling more like yourself soon.

Luke Freeman said...

I'm so glad that you took charge of the blues and got yourself out of the house. That is something I certainly have to learn from you, Natalie. I'm glad you had such a great morning!

Tori said...

you know you can always call this friend!

pixie said...

thank you, sweet natalie. i've loved turning the pages here and witnessing your bright life.

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