looking at 3 months of labor

this morning i walked out into the foggy air bare-footed with huck by my side. as i came close to the end of the yard, i turned around to find three months of hard work right in front of me. i was proud to see our four raised beds, along with the flower beds bursting with color & the soil in our cold frame covered in new lettuce.

gardening does that to you. you plant a seed, add a little hard work in there & then suddenly you have a garden full of life. no, my garden is nothing to boast about & it sure isn't perfect, but this morning everything just felt right.



abby said...

I know exactly what you mean. Such a feeling. Your garden really makes that little yellow house look like a well loved home.

Jess said...

it IS something to boast about - look what you have done! it is just beautiful, Natalie.

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