autumn at home

luke brought home a handful of heirloom pumpkins, squash & gourds grown on the farm.
this evening i harvested turnips, sugar snaps & salad greens from the garden. we feasted on several varieties of heirloom sweet potatoes, sauteed turnip greens in lard & a fresh salad.

this weekend i am headed to an artisan craft fair with the close women of my family. it is a family tradition & one i always look forward to. have a great weekend & enjoy the goodness of this season!



cindy baldwin said...

Lovely pictures!

lucie said...

Yum! You diner looks delicious!

Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

let me just say that i love autumn anyways, but having to experience my second one in a row in antarctica... i'm pretty much drooling over your photos right now.

Ness said...

I adore autumn. But, I confess, I'm weirdly afraid of warty pumpkins. And brussels sprouts. I don't know why. They just freak me out. Now you know the strange truth.

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