canning & home preserving workshop + a secret!

hello, friends! october is such a beautiful month here in the ozarks & with this month comes much busyness. we have added a {flock} to our backyard, harvested a {bounty} of delicious autumn vegetables from our garden & absolutely swooned over the sweet, sweet {melodies} of beirut in st. louis {more on that to come!}.

i even taught a canning & home preserving workshop at ozark folkways. the class lasted about three hours, complete with a packet full of recommended reads {thank you, tend friends!}, equipment needed for success, & my own apple butter recipe to take home. two students attended, which, to be honest, is a huge success for a class in this area. the students brought home four jars of their delicious apple butter each & a goody bag of fabric swatches & handmade tags to decorate their preserves. the class was not perfect & next time i will make sure to cover more specifics of canning terminology & skill, but for now, i am really happy with the final product & encouraged to continue.

& finally... i cannot keep this secret any longer! my friend,{amber}, & i are hosting {the little craft show} in northwest arkansas! after many emails, coffee dates, & desperate phone calls, this holiday handmade fair is finally coming together! if you have a little minute, please stop on my our website. you can also follow us on twitter & "like" us on facebook. we are so excited to bring such a special event to this area & celebrate the warm, handmade feeling of this upcoming holiday season!

ahh, now i feel much better! the secret's out!



shari said...

sounds like it's shaping up to be quite the autumn. i bet your class was great! xo

bright lights, big cities said...

oh so wonderful! So happy the class went well!! Do you want to come to Paris and give a canning class here too!? haha.... And remember, you're always going learn how to be a better teacher each class you give! It all counts with experience...

a craft fair wonderful!!! I think my mom would be really interested... I will be sure to send her a link! (as you may or may not know, my stepfather lives in arkansas)

Too bad I can't join in on all the fun you're having! As always beautiful photos!

abby said...

The craft fair site looks great, Natalie! I wish I could mozy on over to shop. Your new town is lucky to have you there.

Darcy said...

Looks like I moved out of Arkansas at the completely wrong time! It looks so lovely, Natalie. Good luck!

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