a favorite tradition: christmas cards

i am all about christmas cards. as soon as thanksgiving is behind us, i sit down to write an email, asking friends & family, near & far {who seem to move just as much as we do!}, for their address. then, the creating begins. here's just a glimpse of our {christmas card} from our first year of marriage. this year, i thought a little less of the sarcastic tone would be a bit more appropriate...

i gathered clippings from our rosemary plant & made miniature wreaths, tying embroidery floss to the top to secure its shape. i ordered a stamp from paper source & adorned both to kraft cardstock. on the other side, i attached a small photo of us with red & white tape. a very simple, inexpensive card.

even if most days do not allow for connecting with the ones we love most, christmas is the time to send a little card through the post, reminding others of your love for them. i really like that.


merry christmas & happy holidays!



Julia said...

so nice! we were just talking about doing a card next year. we never have (except 5 years ago, when it was a holiday/we moved! card). i love getting cards from our loved ones, so next year we're going to join in the fun!

Celine said...

love the mini wreath! It adds so much life to your card, and it must smell nice when your recipients open it!

anieb said...

Xmas Cards its very beautiful cards.

abby said...

Merry Christmas Natalie! xo
This year I keep wishing Christmas could come in about 1 more month. I am so behind! And I love this sort of thoughtful making for family and friends. Your mini rosemary wreaths are the sweetest thing ever.

Kristen said...

Those little wreaths are SO adorable! I would have never thought to add a 3D element to my Christmas cards. I love making Christmas cards too though, and like you said, reconnecting with people and letting them know you care about them! Happy Holidays, Natalie!

Emily W. said...

wow these are beautiful!
the little wreath is so cute.
merry chritsmas.

Meg said...

I had a random question. I'm doing your card this year but was wondering with the rosemary did you have any problem mailing it? like was it too bulky?

natalie said...

meg, i didn't have any problems with it at all. i did add tape to the back for extra security. let me know if you have any additional questions! :)

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