natural holiday decorations

this christmas, luke & i have decided to only purchase from small artists & makers for holiday gifts & decorations. what is not purchased from others is either handmade or found in nature.
we purchased the wool felt pinecone from ella & gathered branches, pinecones & berries from the land behind our little neighborhood. the rest was either thrifted from years past or made by hand. our home feels so warm & cozy with simple decor to remind us of this blessed advent season.



erinrosalita said...

How lovely and cozy, you are indeed blessed! My apartment is decorated with term papers and text books -- ugh -- but with a few scavenged pine cones thrown in for good measure.

Claudia said...

Oh, you also got a pinecone from Ella. They are so pretty :)

Yonder said...

Justin and I are doing this again this year and it feels so wonderful!! Not only are all of my gifts made by someone I can talk to, I haven't had to step foot into a crazy, overcrowded mall at all this year. I think that I'm going to be giving gifts this way for a long time. It just feels so right. Your tree is adorable, btw!

Erin said...

Love the wholle look.
Need some antlers...they were in great abundance in my house growing up, but haven't found any of my own yet :)

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