six months! oh, & the show!

the little craft show was a huge success! the tunes were rockin' & the room was packed. it was the perfect day for purchasing handmade & unique gifts for loved ones. i am so incredibly thankful for all who supported us in this little adventure. it was amazing.

yesterday also marked six months of living in arkansas. six really, really hard months of growth, change, renewal, sadness & joy. this place still doesn't feel like home, but it is so very necessary for life. for growing & for learning about self. everyday i miss my comfortable life in columbia, but the quietness & stillness of moving to a new community has allowed for some big growth in who i am & intimate connection with my husband. i feel a mix of loneliness & strength when i think about the last six months. & peace. peace is good.



Laurie Marshall said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome! What a great first impression you've made on many of us "natives". :) I know you're crazy-busy already - but I've wanted to form a loose-knit group of crafty types who get together on occasion and make things (even if it's just yummy snacks and gossip). Interested?

bright lights, big cities said...

I've lived in Paris for 2 years and it still doesn't feel 100% like home! It is slowly beginning to feel better and when I return from a lot trip I always surprise myself in saying "oh feel good to be home!".....

You'll always miss your college town and a place with many, many friends and support but one day you'll turn around and realize that you have a lot of support, friends, and a surprising 'home' you never thought you had!


Natalie, I can totally relate. I am a recent-ish transplant to Norman and I have found it really hard to love my new environment. I think a lot of it is me not wanting to accept a temporary home. I also long for my girlfriends and our weekly potlucks with our friends etc. etc... I too would love a crafting circle or a group of girls that get together for gossip and snacking and probably a little wine.
Hang in there, keep your self busy with awesome things like your art and The Little Craft Show!!! I am serious when I say I want to help! xo

Ness said...

You have no idea how much you warm my heart, Girl.

and goose me, apparently.

: )

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