my camera & i,
along with my two favorite boys,
went on a hike yesterday afternoon.
i couldn't help but notice & take it all in.

i really love it when he brings his camera, too.



Kristen said...

So beautiful! I always love 35 mm, and I especially always love your photographs. :)

natalie said...

thank you, kristen. this is actually digital. we have been having a difficult time finding a place to develop our film here.

Erin Rose said...

Lovely! This weather has just been divine.

Luke Freeman said...

All of these photos deserve to be printed and hung on a wall! They are beautiful!

That hike was just what we needed yesterday. I'm glad that Huck is such a good hiking partner!

Laurie Marshall said...

one of my favorite things about living out of town (when we lived out of town) was walking in the woods. i really miss it... we were part of the changing of the seasons, instead of just seeing it happen from the car windows. we need to hike more.

Jess said...

girl, you are blowing my mind. I'm not kidding in the least. each of these photos is exquisite! you truly have an eye for it, I completely agree with Luke, these all deserve to be printed and hung. I love displaying your work in my home - it always gets comments! : )

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