365:: 2011 a year of photos

january:: the beginning of 365.

february:: the start of my internship with the columbia center for urban agriculture. back-breaking work of starting hundreds of trays of seeds. still very rewarding. & my favorite part was, of course, tending to the chickens.

march:: we saved up our money & took the train to chicago for the weekend. we ate delicious food, stopped by some local shops, made a trip to the bean & enjoyed every second of being together. just us.

april:: the beautiful tree in our backyard bloomed & we celebrated my birthday with dear friends.

may:: we savored every day of our last month in columbia. we harvested vegetables from a small front yard garden & graduated from college.

june:: the most difficult of days. full of goodbyes, lots of tears, living in boxes & settling into a new home. the first thing we did- built raised beds in our back yard. we also visited a blueberry farm & added basil to our family.

july:: i tried my hardest in july. i tried to form new relationships. i tried to make our house feel more like 'home.' i roasted a whole chicken. i harvested the fruit of our labors. & when all else couldn't help the sadness, i called friends.

august:: we celebrated luke's birthday & i canned. a lot.

september:: we celebrated fall with a camping trip in the woods. we came home & a few days later, we were greeted with a box of chirping chicks. our first backyard flock!

october:: we had an amazing weekend with the best of columbia friends & listened to the beautiful melodies of beirut live. our halloween was spent at home. a quiet evening. & this year, luke grew our pumpkins.

november:: most of my days passed by quickly in my studio preparing for the little craft show. little moments were found, responsible for keeping my sanity.

december:: we drove down south to my family & the cotton fields. luke & i cuddled by the fire & exchanged gifts together. i baked bread- a goal for the winter season. & i finished my 365 project.

this project has been pretty big for me. big because i completed the project & big because this year has been full of changes- graduating, moving, saying goodbye, finding peace in the quiet, growing into who we are. & i captured it all. every day. that feels really good. & i'm proud.
you can see all of year's photos {here}.

cheers to the new year! there is so much goodness to be had!


shari said...

beautiful. such growth this year. xox

Oakmoss said...

inspiring natalie. truly.
love to you.

Jess said...

so much beauty. I know it's been a difficult year, but like Shari said, also one full of growth. I felt a little heartbroken looking over the 365 project, b/c you and I have not been together at all this past year. we must remedy that somehow!

Amy said...

This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I wish I had your wisdom in my 20's!

Luke Freeman said...

YOU DID IT! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so proud of you!


Natalie! You are SO AMAZING! Your photography is simply gorgeous. I was so inspired by your project that I vowed to try it myself this year. Then I didn't think of it again until January 3rd. Guess I should leave it to the master!

I agree with Amy! I was totally clueless in my 20's. You are wise, focused, and creative. I hope you can enjoy that fully.

Blessings to you! And thanks for always inspiring me!

Annie Coppock

claire said...

such a lovely recap of your year.

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