list no. 1

: working on a new project, entitled "print" stay tuned!

: i am drawn to film in twenty-twelve

: in the final stages of grapefruit marmalade. nothing beats the smell of grapefruit simmering on the stove top

: excited for {amy}!

: visiting the yarn shop, health co-op & public library this weekend.

: salad last night- greens from the cold frame, large pieces of grapefruit, roasted edamame & pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top with a mustard vinaigrette. perfect.



shari said...

i have a new project i'm working on this year, too. yours sounds intriguing. can't wait to hear more.

that salad! now i'm craving one. xo

Julia said...

i like this list a lot. all very good things.

Tara Thayer said...

this is just the best, natalie. these photos are so mesmerizing.
can't wait to see what "print" is about.
(and i love amy's new site so much, too.)


Norma said...

love these pictures so much. thank you.

amy said...

all so exciting. and thanks for your mention of me. you are so sweet! xoxoxox Can't wait to hear more about print. just set up an etsy shop for chris. now to fill it with stuff!!

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