a road trip

we're off to the north

we're packing our bags full of mittens, warm knit scarves, flannel & boots for our trip up north to madison for the week. i cannot wait to experience real winter... a season i've missed so much lately.

i have a basket of knitting... basic cotton wash cloths for a friend & a simple scarf for me in a blueish green that reminds me of the ocean.

we're packing a day bag with snacks, too. turkey & pepper jack sandwiches on sprouted bread, yogurt & frozen blueberries, licorice & our favorite kombucha.

we hope to finish reading in the garden of beasts, part of our book club. we like to read aloud to one another. do you do this, too?

well, i painted my nails gold so i guess it is time for a vacation! see you in a week, friends. xo!



Oakmoss said...

you and luke are just so cute together. your marriage seems equally as awesome but so very different than mine. alex and i are like yin and yang, so very opposite yet so very complimentary. you and luke seem like two peas in a pod, i love that!
i hope you guys have the best road trip!!!

Julia said...

have fun, and you'll be so close to me! (i have to warn you that it's not very wintery up here- supposed to be a high of 50 here today, probably similar in madison) i hope you have a great time, no matter the weather!

Laurie Marshall said...

wonderful idea - and your trip food sounds killah!! safe travels. :)

erinrosalita said...

There's about a bajillion reasons in this post why we should be friends: knitting, sprouted bread, yogurt, kombucha, flannel, and reading are just a few.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a marvelous road trip and safe travels!

Hilde said...

I just painted my nails pale pink for my first job interview as a teacher. Not bad, but I envy your golden polish :) Enjoy your road trip!

PrayerGrove said...

i have missed the winter too! but today its like spring out, it was 60 today with sprinkle of rain in the early morning. nice smells to start out the day on my walk to work. jeremy has read a lot to me lately, i DO love it. it's pretty much the only way i hear good stories :) he uses accents!

amy said...

hope you had fun!!
you should receiving a package any day now! xo

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