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hi, friends. i want to tell you a little more about my new project, print:: a year in film, as mentioned before. well, really. i cannot wait to tell you about this new project. (!!!)

with the beginning of 2012, i have thought a lot about what i want to offer in this new year & what will keep me going through this hard season of life. we are almost approaching eight months of living in arkansas & with each day, i still feel the sting of living apart from our community & those i love the most. with that difficulty though, has come enlightenment in both who i am & who i would like to be. in this new year, i have chosen to take responsibility for my happiness. it seems so simple, but it has been a hard lesson to learn. rather than blaming this town or my home or our lack of land, i am choosing to embrace this place, find purpose in the work of our home & till up what we have & plant what i can.

i want to share this process with you through print:: a year in film. as i knead bread, trellis our peas, find warmth by the evening fire, take a walk through the woods & live within the seasons, i will capture these moments in both word & film.

each month, if you choose to participate {& oh, i really hope you do!}, you will receive one 5 x 7 matte film photograph along with a few words from me, inspired by the season. those few words might be a recipe, a list of favorite books, a project for the home, or a tip on gardening. these two pieces will then be carefully mailed from my home to yours.

you can choose to subscribe for six months or one year. {one year subscriptions will only be offered in february & six months subscriptions will be offered in february & july}
six months: $60 {includes shipping}
one year: $100 {includes shipping}

i will reveal february's issue on thursday, february 2nd in my {etsy shop} for purchase.

my photographs & words from print:: a year in film will not be shared online. this gives the excitement of receiving a package each month just for you with a surprise inside!

i really hope you will join in on this adventure as i capture the little moments that bring the most joy in my life through word & print.

with so much love,


brittany snodgrass said...

I really love this idea. Thank you for sharing.

heather smith jones said...

It sounds like a beautiful, and very special project Natalie!! Plus, I really appreciate your perspective of taking responsibility for your own happiness, a reminder I need.

shari said...

i love the sound of this natalie! so exciting and so true to your spirit. xo

Amy said...

Can't wait to sign up!

tara thayer said...

it sounds just right. and i love how personal it is, and that it won't be online. i don't know why...that just makes it that much more unique, you, and special.
xoxo, tara

jessie said...

natalie! this sounds amazing!!! checking our budget :) i hope you so enjoy this project.

abby said...

This sounds so awesome, Natalie! It's inspiring how you have embraced a difficult situation and turned it into something you can grow with, and find happiness in.

Julia said...

wonderful idea natalie. beautiful.

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