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: two days left to purchase {print:: a year in film}!

: currently reading {this} - perfect for right now.

: last night's dinner - savored every bite of this {salad}.

: seriously. this is so {good}, too.

: {sugaring season} is here!

: preparing for our {true/false} road trip! we're seeing ten documentaries this year! i just can't explain the city during the festival. it's pure magic.



Danielle said...

Hi Natalie,

I'm so happy to hear you've been enjoying my recipes and doubly happy that I now have discovered your beautiful blog!! Thanks for passing them on :)

All the best,

Luke Freeman said...

I love these photos!

Anonymous said...

hey natalie! i'm so glad to hear you and luke are coming to town for true/false. and it's chad's birthday on friday too! maybe we can meet up at crazy-packed uprise at some point, i hope. let's talk, or text...jill

Amy said...

I am happy to see your reading "Organized Simplicity". I hope you like it! Keep me posted.


natalie said...

amy- i actually already had the book! hah! evidence of my need for organized simplicity :) a friend gave it to me last year & after your recommendation, i picked it up. love it! thank you, thank you!

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