corners of my home

throughout the months, i've noticed that i have neglected to show you the inside of our new home. honestly, i'm not a big fan of this house. there are only four (four!!) windows in the entire house. that just isn't healthy. also, when we moved in, i decided to paint the dining room wall a light & airy green. that green turned out to be the brightest lime green ever. this spring, i plan to change that.

we're workin' on it, though. in an effort to shoot a bit more film this year, i have captured the few moments of light & the favorite spaces i have carved out in this house of ours. i love our big ol' bookcase with our favorites displayed in fine sight. the blue textiles throughout our home are so calming & we have a little space for hanging our coats & placing our shoes.

i have a few projects up my sleeve for this spring. i am all about using what we have to make our space a little more functional & calming. some of the projects that i have for this spring include:
+ridding my life of clutter! a place for everything.
+ print some of our family photos
+ organize that garage! (i'm sure luke will love me even more for this)
+ a pretty pantry
+ invite friends over for dinner parties



Elly said...

Natalie! You have my print on the wall :) I guess a Christmas gift?

amber perrodin said...

This is beautiful Natalie. You sure make this little house look cozy!

Julia said...

excellent projects! i have some of the same. family photos for sure. and a few of my own photos too- for as many shots as i've taken (and loved) i have zero hanging in our home. and reducing clutter- that's a big one too! i'm sure your home will feel more homey as you get on some of these projects.

abby said...

Those paint samples are so tricky. The fun thing about paint though I guess, is that it's relatively easy to change. I have been meaning to print some photos for a long time too. Our walls are pretty bare - and we are on a big clutter mission these days. It makes life so much simpler and clearer when you only have what is needed, and when it all has a place to be. Beautiful glimpses of your home. You sure know how to create a cozy space.

natalie said...

elly, your print is from the show at your home after your graduation! i purchased it & put it in a pretty white frame. love it so much, girl!

Amy said...

Your house looks beautiful. I am also on a de-cluttering mission. Have you heard of the book "Organized Simplicity" by Tsh Oxenreider? This has helped me stay focused on the task. I highly recommend it.

Ness said...

oh yes...getting a house to co-operate is a hard thing. I know. But you are the artist and you are painting a lovely picture there...

Jess said...

your home is always so peaceful. wish I could sit with you on that fuzzy couch and sip tea!

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