i believe in positivity & tend to look on the brighter side of things. until our big move, i have been a cup half full kind of person. this year, i want to get back into that old groove of seeking joy & claiming it as my own. that's what my newest project, print:: is all about. i also want to share it with you. so- here are some positive changes in my life. maybe they'll inspire you... it is the little things, right?

:: eating well & losing weight. i wasn't sure if i wanted to share this part of my life with you because it is such a hard topic for me, but these last several weeks have made such an impact on my life in such a good way. right now i am participating in the six sisters' get healthy challenge with my close friend, mother-in-law & sister-in-law. i am a believer! weight has always, always been an issue for me, but it is so much easier to stay healthy within a community. for the most part, luke & i eat within the seasons & have an overall healthy diet. i have noticed throughout this challenge, though, that i used to rely on high carb foods & sweets as easy go-to snacks. i have eliminated most carbs & sweets from my diet, avoided dairy products, & lost ten pounds! it feels so good to be exercising regularly, eating well, drinking water & openly communicating with girlfriends. love it.

:: weekly chores. once i read all of your cleaning & organizational tips, i knew i needed to get to work. i have created a weekly chore list that helps me get through the week. before preparing dinner, i try to complete the work that needs to be done for the day. it usually only takes thirty minutes or so & it makes such a difference. i have completed one week of this new routine & i already feel much better.

:: loving fully. it is so easy to not love. i confess that i sink into those patterns of blaming & pointing fingers with very little effort. & that just isn't fair for the man of my heart. i am so thankful for our partnership & commitment to one another. i am making every effort to forgive more, cuddle more & love fully. it makes life so much richer.

cheers to positivity!


Luke Freeman said...

Cheers to a better year! I love what I am hearing, Natalie. And I want to help you accomplish these goals in whatever ways I can... like mopping the floor. I can already see the change in your spirit. And I like it!

April said...

I think you are positively awesome, Natalie!!!

abby said...

This is just heart warming and exciting. Congratulations on all your efforts, Nat! And feeling healthy and strong really can be such a foundational buoy for everything else in one's life. I am smiling hugely for you, and I know you will find that half full kind of girl in yourself again.

Emily said...

This is awesome. I also had to give myself a kick in the pants after the holidays. I was lazy and borderline depressed the whole month of January. I know that the Spirit is doing a work inside me to help re-form old habits. Giving myself a list of manageable goals to accomplish each day has been a big help in my attitude change. My daily goals sound silly, but checking them off a list everyday feel good. Example: shower, read Bible, cook dinner, clean kitchen, clean one bathroom. :) Silly? Yes, but with two kids sometimes it's hard to get these things done with a smile. I love you, Natalie! I'm praying for you.

heather smith jones said...

Way to go Natalie, that's awesome!

another feather said...

i love that you were willing to share this! such important things to tackle and daily put into perspective. thank you for sharing. your boots are lovely as well!

Tori said...

you go girl! i'm so proud of you/happy for you. 10 pounds, that's amazing!!! yay! i recently decided to stop eating sweets and limit my bread intake as well & i think it's already helping in overall well-being. it's incredible what little changes can do for the big picture. love you. talk soon!

Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

You and me both, sister.

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