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try being nice.

i embrace valentine's day with all of me. i am a flowers & dark chocolate kind of girl. i enjoy making little valentines & passing them out to my co-workers. yes, i even made a freezer paper stenciled t-shirt today with the largest heart i could manage. i just think sometimes we need a little reminder to be nice & share the love. we sometimes forget that pink hearts & glitter can be really good for us.

just some of my favorite valentine crafts to get you in the spirit!

::valentine party
::fancy wrappings
:: heart-shaped beets
::heart garland
::adornments for your hair
:: heart headband for that special day

happy valentine's day, friends!



amy said...

happy valentines day nat!! wishing you and luke a day bursting with love!!! xoxox
btw when pay day comes around i plan to get a 6 mos subscription to print. i love love love love love (yes it's valentine day and i can say love that much)the whole project. you are one talented lady.

natalie said...

amy, you are one sweet lady!

abby said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Natalie - and Luke and Huck! Love your huge heart (your real heart and that heart on your cute tee).


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