list no. 3

: enjoying taking photos of everyday moments this week

: harvested broccoli for this evening's dinner

: scored some green slip-ons from the thrift today. perfect for the garden. i've been looking for years!

: inspired by the light

: i always forget to drink all of my morning coffee. i find my cup half full placed somewhere around the house every evening. it drives luke crazy.

: mailing out this month's issue of print:: a year in film this week!

: preparing for my "home within" show in columbia- my film photography will be hung this weekend! eeek! so excited. more to come on that.

: just received an order of bookmarks & postcards for a craft show in two weekends. april feels so busy.

: thankful for the busyness. & my new job. even though it all feels a little overwhelming.

: i love dressing up each day. bright skirts & cardigans are my thing.

: my friend, abby, is in this month's issue of country living! check it out! she's famous (!!!) & so talented.

: i turned 23. i wore my glasses & he surprised me with glass jars for bulk goods. it was wonderful.


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abby said...

Your glasses are the bomb! So cute on you. Love that photo of you both, but then I always say that when I see photos of you guys.

Happy Birthday, Natalie. 23 was truly one of my most memorable years.

(and thank you! famous? heeee:)

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