learning & loving


i am learning more & more about myself.
i worry too much about what others think of me.
i look great in bright colors.
i feel better both inside & out when i exercise. even if that means a short evening walk.
my smile is beautiful.
i adore film over digital.
i usually wait until the last minute.
i miss my friends.
i don't like desks. i work best at the kitchen table.
gardening & chickens bring me peace.
i am that girl who cries.
i need more red shoes.
i wish i could meet all of you for coffee & scones.
baking makes me happy.
but i won't follow the directions exactly.

tell me more about what you're learning. i love being on the journey together.


abby said...

we have a lot in common. I loved reading this list (and yes your smile is super beautiful!). And for whatever reason I have been that girl who cries this week... and even just reading that line made my eyes well up. Why? I don't know! It feels silly, but there it is.

v said...

i loved reading your list!
like you i feel that i am learning more & more about myself..and about life...
i am learning
-that there is beauty to be found all around us if we are willing to slow down a little and not hurry all the time
-to not resist but embrace change more (that one is hard for me)
-that there are the small and simple things that brings me the most joy: like a smile and/or a hug, fresh flowers on my table, a cup of tea, a waffle with bluebeeries, nailpolish : ) and many more things...

wishing you a wonderful weekend,

ps: your smile is BEAUTIFUL!

natalie said...

abby- i know! it has been one of those weeks!
v- thank you for your sharing! i spent my time late last night painting my nails. there is something about fresh colors on your toes bringing a bit of happiness!

Alicia A. said...

Love this list, Natalie!

melissa said...

most of your list, i would ditto. i'm continually learning to just be and enjoy the ride.

Luke Freeman said...

All of these are so true! Though I'm not sure I'd say you need more red shoes. All things considered, I love who you are.

shari said...

such a great list! hope you have a great weekend.

Jess said...

love this list! isn't it amazing, all the learning we do every single year? I'm learning so much about myself too. (Luke's comment is fabulous)
I'm learning to treat myself (and others) with kindness and compassion, but also firmness/boundaries. I'm learning to listen to my body concerning food - finding out when I am hungry for food, or for immaterial things like comfort. Also, I've learned to love the microwave for one simple reason - quick "baked" sweet potatoes, my favorite lunch.

bright lights, big cities said...

I cry all the time! my husband always looks at me when something sad is around (even a story that he might tell about his day can bring me to tears)!

I miss my friends and my home soooo much.

I eat too much bread and drink too much coffee when I'm living in france.

a clean area is a clean mind.

the list of things I want to do with my life is so long, I sometimes feel overwhelmed.

thanks for sharing

Ness said...

Luke is wrong.

You can never have enough red shoes. I have three pairs.

I am learning that when I stop dreading a project and just jump in all the way, I find some crazy creativity I didn't know I had.

And that I have some of the best red-headed friends in the world.

Kelton Enich said...

i just stumbled upon your blog and it is so so lovely! it is now on the top of my list of ones to read. your list is perfect, i feel like my list would coincide with yours on many points. (i always do my work at the kitchen table...and with finals coming up, i'll be living their a lot lately). just loving your photos. great work.

Modern Crush said...

Beautiful list! I love it too!

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