bits of daily living

+ our home has stayed very clean this week. we are slowly cleaning out the things we no longer use. we have also made an effort to clean up our messes when they happen. luke's better than i am! a clean house just makes me feel better when i come home from work.

+ this weekend's meal plan included a celebratory spring soup in honor of may day. the combination of carrots, leeks & asparagus is just perfect.

+ i started the dirty life: a memoir of farming, food & love. i am making an effort to unplug in the evenings & limit my screen time. an enjoyable read really helps.

+ in the studio this afternoon! photographing new products & listing those soon.

+ tonight's DIY pizza night. & then a movie at the theater! we haven't watched a movie at the theater in a very long time. we just couldn't resist. the five-year engagement looks so funny.

+ harvesting strawberries at the farm tomorrow. a perfect day for jam making!

+ happy weekend!


Julia said...

all good things! happy weekending, nat!

Dogeared said...

Your life is sounding so much like mine right now! (Except, of course, for the part where you ate soup full of only vegetables ;) ) I'm making a slow concerted effort to be tidier and get rid of stuff we don't need in our tiny little home. I'm a big sloppy pack rat so there are lots of baby steps going on for me right now. ALSO, Friday night is always homemade pizza night at our house AND we are actually going to the movies tonight too! haha It's like our planets have aligned!

Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

what a great tea kettle! it's too bad we live a bunch of states away, because i'm pretty sure we would be great friends.

abby said...

have a great weekend, Natalie! I love homemade pizza nights. Maybe we should join you on that tonight.

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