happy may day!


last night we walked to our favorite spot behind our home to find our secret wild blackberry bushes beaming with ripe fruit. just in time for a celebratory may day crumble!
happy may day, friends!

thank you all for your sweet & encouraging words from yesterday's post. it feel so good to know that we are all experiencing the same rhythms of life & seeking balance within it all. xo.



Oakmoss said...

happy may day to you! may day is my favorite grandpa's birthday, and i always remember him on this day.
wild blackberries! yum! our don't ripen until late august.
enjoy your day my friend.

Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

Blackberries on May Day sounds so perfect. I can't believe they're already ripe! It snowed here in Montana yesterday. Love the glimpses into your beautiful life.

Kelton said...

such a beautiful post on a lovely day. great photos! i wish the blackberries around here were ripe, it would make such a great excursion.

Dogeared said...

Wow, that little bit farther South you are than us really DOES make a difference! Our blackberries are still green :) Can't wait to pick some though. I think we might have enough for a little bit of jam this year!

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