the freezer challenge: week 3 & 4

we are well on our way to a happy, half-empty freezer!

here are the contents:
animal protein-
4 packages of deer hamburger
2 lamb livers
1 package of ground lamb
1 package of deer sausage
1 package of frozen deer meatballs
1 package of lamb ribs
1 package of bacon
1 ham hock
1 package of beef stock bones
1 chopped sirloin
20 15! lb. chicken breast
1 frozen bag of acorn squash & sausage stuffing

meal ready-
freezer bag full of frozen ice cube sized basil
freezer bag full of frozen ice cube sized pesto
freezer bag of swiss chard
frozen tomato soup (serving size 2)
2 bags of hot peppers (for salsa making)
freezer bag of skinned tomatoes
box of morningstar veggie burgers

2 1! gallons of strawberries
3 ripe bananas
freezer bag of black cherries
dole brand bag full of mango, pineapple and strawberries
2 jars of peach conserve
1 gallon of blueberries
small tub of homemade cookie dough

 many evenings these last two weeks have called for dinners on the grill- burgers, ribs, & fresh vegetables from the garden. we are still enjoying fruit smoothies for breakfast & veggie burgers for lunch. we are continuing to cut our food budget & save for other needs. i continue to stare at our package of lamb liver & wonder how i will ever use them... ideas? share recipes with me, you lamb liver enthusiasts!


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Erin Virtue-Lawson said...

Bait to catch some fish for dinner?

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