first annual squawk & pop summer social

we had a little summer get-together this past weekend, also known as the first annual squawk & pop summer social. we mixed up some fruit & herb simple syrups for club soda pops to drink (recipe in this month's issue of print:: a year in film!) & made some yummy toppings for popcorn. the honey butter was amazing sprinkled with a bit of sea salt.

we decorated the table with antique chickens & roosters.

& took the setting outdoors. everyone showed up around dark & we squawked the evening away in good conversation. it was a big success!

i learned a little something from a friend, too. popcorn in a brown bag. put 1/3 cup of popcorn in a brown lunch bag. add a bit of oil (safflower or olive oil work well) & pop in the microwave. the popcorn setting didn't pop all of the kernels so we popped ours for about 2.5 minutes on the regular setting. our homemade popcorn in the microwave worked perfectly for making a large quantity quickly.

it was a good time. we just love this little community.



Jess said...

squak & pop - HOW CUTE ARE YOU!?!?! Oh my gosh what I would give to be part of that social. I miss you so much, girl. Everything looks just beautiful, in usual Nat-style, and I know it was all delicious.

Tori said...

so fun! I want to come next year!

Kristen said...

Squawk & pop, how adorable! That sounds like so much fun. I want to try allll of those sodas, especially peach vanilla! May I ask how you get the brown paper lunch sack to stay shut when the popcorn starts popping? I really want to try that!

natalie said...

kristen- great question! we just fold it over a couple of times. surprisingly, it stays closed!

Anonymous said...

Was your honey butter melted? How did you keep it from getting solidified while sitting in little pot? {thx for constantly inspiring}

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