a busy august

friends, it has been far too long! almost a month has passed & i haven't had a spare minute to write here. we've been fully living, but it feels so good to be back in this space sharing my life with all of you. we (finally!) moved into our cozy home with the best window light a girl with a camera could ask for. we scrubbed the walls, painted every little corner & well, we're very happy with the results. 

for the last few years, i have naturally gravitated toward neutral tones of grays, creams, whites & tans. when we first saw this house, though, i couldn't help but bring back it's 1960s roots. so with a few strokes of the paint brush, this minty-with-a-hint-of-sea-foam-green color was born. it makes me happy.

the rest of our home celebrates the natural & earthy tones that i love so much. we are without central AC in this house, which calls for fans here & there to fight the southern humidity. more home photos to come, i promise.

this month, we also celebrated luke's birthday! we & his family crowded around the dinner table for a delicious mexican meal & later savored nutella brownies with a scoop of ice cream on top. i adore him more & more as we grow up together.

i brought out those watercolors again to make a cute little tag for his gift, a pale ale home brew kit. he loved it! 

the month of august has also inspired me to pick up my film camera a little more regularly. it has been incredibly easy to use my iphone to capture little moments throughout the day (like the moment above right before developing a roll of experimental expired film), but i have also fought the internal struggle as a amateur photographer that my iphone has made it a little too easy. the balance of technology & the creative life is/always will be a struggle.

on days when i'm working in the garden, it is nice to have my iphone nearby to catch the bright beauty of the summer season, though. yes, it's a balance.

i am celebrating each of these busy days in all of their fullness & beauty & ease as we adjust to this vibrant community & slowly form friendships with some pretty incredible people. my heart is full!



Kristen said...

That shade of green is my absolute favorite color, and it looks exquisite in your new cabinets! I loved getting a peek in your new place!

Lizzie Robinson said...

I follow your blog regularly and whenever I see your posts I get so happy! It's so nice to see you content in life and your new home looks beautiful. You and your husband are too cute. You are such an inspiration. I wish you the best. :)

Kelton said...

your new home is absolutely beautiful. you sound so happy about it. i can't wait to see more pictures.

danika k said...

I always love your posts, Natalie, and this one is no exception! So happy for you that you're settled into your new home {and by the way, I adore the photos of your home. So inspiring to me to pick up a paintbrush and get busy making this new home of ours feel like it's truly OURS}. And a happy birthday to Luke! It looks like you've had a beautiful, full summer.

Pink0901 said...

congratulations ! Your house is sooo lovely, I'm waiting for more beautiful photos from you :)

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