one more week to purchase print:: a year in film!

good morning! just stopping by today to let you know you have just one more week to {purchase} a six-month subscription to {print:: a year in film}. this project is so dear to my heart & has been hugely successful in large part because of readers like you! in the midst of transition & many challenges along the way, i have found peace each month in sharing something beautiful or a simple quiet moment in word & film. i hope you will come along for this creative adventure.

i have decided that this will be my last subscription offered. i am so thankful for the experience & the richness this creative project has brought to my life. also, the intentionality of picking up my film camera & making photos is invaluable. of course, this is simply a chapter & i know i will look back on this one year project in a meaningful way. thank you for all of the love & support in making this all a reality!

if you would like to purchase a six-month subscription to print:: a year in film, you can purchase it from our {etsy shop}. it is being offered at a discounted price of $50 {including shipping within the united states} until september 3rd. 


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brittany snodgrass said...

I got my first package in the mail on Monday. The picture is beautiful, and your words really resonate with me. I'm looking forward to receiving the next one. :)

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