our kitchen in film

i think film should be a love language. as luke & i say around our house, it fills up my "love tank." it's good for my soul to slow down for each photo & capture that grainy moment without any edit or delete button. over the last week or so i've captured some of the small moments in our kitchen. it's a busy little room brimming with fermenting foods, dirty dishes, farmers' market & garden fresh vegetables, mugs half full & jars of grains. i hope you aren't already exhausted from my green cabinets... they just make me so happy to photograph. here's a little tour-




Heather said...

adorable. I love the open cabinets and the color you used. I'm inspired!

Rachel Berry said...

Hey Natalie!

These pictures are such a dream, thank you for sharing them :) I've been following you posts for a little while now and they are increbibly encouraging - thanks for being such a blessing!

Monika said...

I like these scraps of the kitchen:) warm, giving it back, most importantly.

I am greeting from Poland!

Julia said...

beautiful shots, nat. i think our kitchens look pretty similar these days. hey- what are you doing with those pickles? i have a bag of cukes and am low on ideas. would love your recipe

Jess said...

I love your little kitchen, especially the green cabinets!

Alicia A. said...

The photo with the eggs and the tea towel is heavenly. I'd love (to buy) a print of that one!

sara f said...

what a beautiful tour!
thanks for sharing :)

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