the baking bug

i have the baking bug. i baked mav's {sure-proof blueberry muffins} & substituted the frozen blueberries for peaches. she's right, it's all about the stirring. luke's birthday party is tomorrow. i am baking his {favorite chocolate cake} with {chocolate icing} tonight. i always add raspberry preserves between cake layers for good measure. i might also bake my {chocolate chip cookies} or perhaps an apple pie. it will be a simple party- a potluck, good beer, a fire for roasting marshmellows & maybe some chicken cuddling time. happy weekend!

oh yes, share some of your favorite baking recipes. it's better to have the bug with others than alone, after all.



shari said...

i have the baking bug, too. these cookies were particularly good. sweet and salty and full of vanilla.

erinrosalita said...

I've been relying on these pretty heavily lately. They're delicious and really shine with quality ingredients.

Ella said...

now i'm curious to check out the stirring tip for my muffins...we have oodles of ripe nectarines at the moment too. mmmm
i'm baking a lot with spelt flour these days - tarts, samosas, parmesan crackers...little things for little hands for little lunch boxes. i modify all recipes heavily to substitute and reduce sweeteners. i'm terrible at following recipes and giving them but smitten kitchen is a wealth of inspiration for me.

Kelton said...

today i'm going to make deb's strawberry and cream biscuits from smittenkitchen. i've never had these before but they look delicious! all your goodies sound so yummy as well.

Julia said...

me too! yesterday, upon returning from a weekend camping trip, i baked muffins and a bread with the leftover oatmeal (threw in some apples too, yum!). then i made whole wheat biscuits to go with potato leek soup. really want to make some cookies soon...fall is in the air!

Jess said...

I've had the bug lately, too. I made these peanut butter blondie cake bars twice in one week - so good! And some cookies last night.
I keep baking and then giving most of it to Jamie, you know, b/c she's pregnant, so then I have to bake something else to have something sweet. I think it's a good plan. ; )

Emily Walker said...

simply beatiful, i love these photos.
yuo have such a pretty kitchen.

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