his love for fermentations

if you hang around long enough, you will most likely find jars of vegetables fermenting on our counter or a crock on the shelf boasting a large amount of kraut. open our fridge & i promise, the bottom shelf is strictly designated for fermentations only. all the work of my husband & his love for good bacteria, probiotics, healthy gut flora & foods that are alive.

come over for a beer & conversation often leads to a bit of farming, growing your own food & luke's love of sandor katz. stay until deep into the night & the wee early hours of the morning & you will find luke chopping vegetables & creating the perfect brine long after i've fallen into a sleepy slumber.

a few sundays ago, i found him packing up fermented pickles into large ball jars. the whole process is incredibly beautiful to me - his love for it all & the vibrant colors - so i snuck around capturing a few moments. the leaves? yes, gleaned from our backyard & promised to keep the pickles crunchy.

i am not the expert here- in fact, let me just share with you his thoughts on fermentation right now-but i do notice those little stacks of books next to his nightstand & the very important reference books on his desk.

here are just a few all about fermenting, brewing & making with food:

-homemade soda by andrew schloss
- strong waters by scott mansfield
- beer craft by william bostwick
- nourishing traditions by sally fallon

i sure do miss him this morning, but he'll be home tonight for dinner.

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Julia said...

so great. i need to give some of katz's recipes another try. i had some unfortunate results from the sourdough i tried and very very salty pickles last year. try try again, right? and what kind of leaves are you using? i've been putting grape leaves in my pickle jars for a couple of years and it definitely helps the crunch!

abby said...

Really beautiful captures, Natalie. I have yet to try any fermenting of vegetables. My curiosity has been growing though, and one of these days soon we will be brewing some beer!

Andrea said...

I recently encountered Wild Fermentation and absolutely fell in love! I have thus far made only his scrap vinegar recipe and the T'ej (wild yeast) mead. We've got two 3-gallon carboys slowing down and ready to bottle soon. I can't wait to taste it!

Emily Walker said...

love these photos and the beautiful grain.
yay for film.

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