nature journaling workshop

tuesday was such a treat. i, along with a handful of other traditional & nontraditional educators, participated in a free {!!} nature journaling workshop facilitated by project learning tree at the beautiful botanical garden of the ozarks on the most perfect day. 

throughout the day we used all of our senses to engage with our journals. during one activity, we were led to a tree with our eyes closed. we then felt the tree's limbs, trunk & leaves. once we used our sense of touch to identify the tree's characteristics, we were led away from the tree & then asked to open our eyes & search for the tree that we just touched. back at our landing spot, we wrote in our journals about our experiences in using touch to identify our tree. 

more than anything, though, i was in awe of the beauty surrounding me. i felt like a little girl sitting in the shade beneath a tree, writing & drawing in my journal. it reminded me that i should do more things like this. taking a moment to go back to our childhood is incredibly valuable.

luke & i will definitely be back for more adventures. 

congratulations to grace richardson for winning the peach butter giveaway! 
she said... 
"Waking up late, then drinking coffee on the porch with the newspaper is my idea of a perfect, restful Sunday. Especially if my favorite dog is curled up next to me. It brings back peace for the rest of the week. I manage to make it happen at least twice per month. :)"

thank you all so much for participating! it was wonderful to read all of your thoughts on setting aside a day of rest. happy thursday!



melissa said...

yay! i'm so glad you enjoyed the workshop and the botanical gardens! isn't sophia a treasure? love that girl and i'm loving your post/photos!


Meryl said...

What a cool idea--makes me want to watch for one of these in my area!

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