a celebration of fall with the makings of applesauce

 i've never been too good about keeping a paper journal, but just recently i realized this space is my journal. it captures the little moments, which i like, such as our sunday of making applesauce:

+ a friend dropped by with two big brown bags full of apples from the farm nearby just because. we're blessed.
+ i finally brought out my box of old quart mason jars that i grabbed for $2 at a garage sale last summer.  the box included some interesting jars such as a "magic mason jar" like this. it also included original advertisements & a recipe. my life resembles the "creative homemakers" advertisement perfectly, hah!
+ we used our new apple corer (also snatched that up for $2 at a garage sale) with the help of some tools to keep the cutting board in place.
+ the chickens were happy with the scraps!
+ two hours later, we were the proud owners of 10 quarts of cinnamon applesauce with a few apples leftover for pie. 

how was your weekend, friends?



Kelton said...

i've been thinking the same thing...regretting not keeping up in my paper journal. but i feel the same way about blogging. thankful that i have time for either one or the other. i just love this post. so autumny and yummy. looks like a simply wonderful weekend!

trinity8419 said...

Haven't seen an apple peeler/corer like that in a long time - brought back some good memories. I hope you have a chance to taste some Arkansas Black apples someday. Didja know Arkansas used to have a lot of apple orchards way-back-when? ;-)

Nicole said...

Perfect! We bought some lovely Jonagold apples at the market today. I'm planning to make a tart tomorrow afternoon. Love to you, friend! X

abby said...

Looks like a Sunday really well spent! we have some "magic" masons too. I love finding old jars that are a little unusual.

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