:: we've added a new member to our family- a young pup with a big personality. her name's dandy & she's the perfect friend for our sweet huck. we're still in the potty training stage so all of the rugs are tucked away in closets until she's fully trained. she's making big progress, though & our home feels much warmer with her in it.

:: framing prints & finding a place for everything in our home. unpacking the last of our boxes & settling in for the cooler months.

:: finding plenty of eggs in our coop after a bit of a break. just in time for sharing with friends & making delicious quiches from the last of our summer veggies. decorating the coop, too. with a bright & cheery banner.

:: pulling out the wool socks, hats & scarfs for this cooler temperature. enjoying the crunchy leaves & all of the colors so much during this beautiful autumn season.

:: harvesting the last of our summer veggies for sharing, freezing, drying & canning. this weekend i'm preserving pepper jelly!

:: a good mail week! jumped for joy when i found a big package full of candles from sweet amber of oakmoss. pure excitement here. licorice vanilla is my favorite.

:: planted our autumn garden - arugula, lettuce, salad greens, carrots, beets, radishes, turnips & so much more. a little late this year, but at least those seeds are in the ground!

:: beginning another knitting project. i'm loving the rhythm of knitting these days. having girls over for hot cider & red wine for an evening of knitting!

:: dreaming up handmade ideas for christmas gifts, which involves my dusty sewing machine. i better get to work! what are you dreaming up this holiday season?

:: almost a month until the little craft show. we've been working since june & i really can't believe it's almost here!

:: i really can't believe it, but we're leaving for california in less than a week! we'll be in san francisco for the first leg of the trip & then we'll road trip down to LA. any great spots i should know about? local food, thrift shops, quirky neighborhoods, delicious coffee? please do let me know!



Grace Richardson said...

The Spanish Latte at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica is the most amazing coffee to have ever passed through my lips.

Also, your peach butter is delicious. :)

Julia said...

you should absolutely go to gracias madre in san francisco (in the mission- all vegan mexican food). we were there in august and it was delicious! also- bi-rite creamery by dolores park (also pizzeria delfina and tartine, same block). also, we just discovered chile pies near church and market- delicious vegan sweet potato pie (though it's mostly not vegan at all) so much good food there, i could go on forever! have a great trip!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Are you road tripping down to L.A. via the Coast? It's a GORGEOUS ride if you are!!!
San Francisco, if you want to see the redwoods, Muir Woods is one of my favorite spots! Berkeley is another fave spot. Telegraph Ave is interesting to walk. Lots of great bookstores (moe's and Shakespeare and co). 4th street is high end but has a lot of fun shops.

I live in West Hollywood but try to get up North as as I can. Silverlake has a ton of fun, quirky shops. Little Tokyo is always fun (especially if it involves a trip to Kinokuniya!) There are some good thrift stores on Fairfax between Beverly Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd.

TONS of thrift stores on Magnolia (near Hollywood Way) in Burbank. Porto's bakery is a BIG favorite (best chocolate chip muffins and cookies EVER!) I could spend all day in this area. One of my fave used bookstores is up the street, Iliad.

If you want to message me and tell me your likes and what you're looking for, I can send some more info!

Luke Freeman said...

Seeing these photos makes me wish I were home right now! And you are so right about Dandy: she is a little pup with a big personality.

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