our home apothecary

i am so very excited to share with you my favorite little corner, our home apothecary. i wanted to share this space in film, but the lighting is very low so it's very grainy. i hope you don't mind!

when we first moved into this home, i knew i wanted a place for storing & organizing all of my supplies for the handmade recipes we love so much. earlier in the year, i was inspired by amanda's own kitchen apothecary & soon after, i found amber's cabinet full of supplies for soap making

during the summer, i found this cabinet with smudged glass & scratched wood but fully functional at a yard sale for $20. i brought it home & with a little elbow grease, leftover white paint & spray paint, it came to life. it's the perfect little cabinet & it makes me smile.

atop the cabinet sits a vase of cotton from a farm nearby, a beeswax candle, incense, found objects & this herb drying rack, also found at a yard sale for $5. it is so convenient & it makes our home smell wonderful. i am currently drying parsley from the garden. earlier this year i dried mint & soon i'll be harvesting oregano and thyme before our first frost.

on the first shelf includes a small collection of books on homemaking, herbal healing, holistic health & natural body care recipes.

i also have a handful of supplies on the first shelf, including beeswax, essential oils & containers for holding homemade lip balms, deodorant, & hand salves. a great resource for supplies is mountain rose herbs. all of my baskets & jars for holding supplies were thrifted for just a dollar or two. 

on the second shelf includes quarts of homemade applesauce, a collection of pottery, a favorite photograph by abby & a thrifted basket full of miscellaneous vases for around the home. 

on the last shelf includes preserved peaches, quick pickles, salsa & an array of jams & butters. 

i am not an expert whatsoever in the topic of handmade concoctions, but it's an ever-growing interest of mine & i love having this little space to inspire & educate. i hope you enjoyed my little tour! 



shari said...

i was just planning to post about my apothecary! yours is beautiful. you've got some great books, too. thank you for sharing. xo

Julia said...

oh i love this! i clearly need an awesome cabinet for all of my supplies and goods. beautiful, nat!

Pink0901 said...

omg ihope i'll have a little beatiful corner like yours in future <3
grains make your photos more amazing !

Sherrie said...

Hi Natalie! I couldn't NOT comment on this post - I think we may be twins. I knew exactly which Amber, Amanda, and Abby you were talking about without clicking through (and even the posts!); have almost exactly the same book collection and supplies, and love of making. I'm a wee bit envious of your herb-drying rack! That's a great find. :) Happy concocting!

Colleen Stewart said...

Hi Natalie! I just came across your blog and just love it! It's so inspiring in all ways :) Your apothecary corner is one of those things I dream of having. I bought "Herbal Healing for Woman" about 20 years ago and still use it. I also have Molly's book another favorite :) I look forward to following your blog! Nice to meet you.

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