living fully

we have been fully living here. soaking up each perfect day with trips to the farmers' market {it's squash season!}, long afternoons spent outside, dinners from scratch & evenings by the fire just out our back door. this season we have gleaned a fruit tree, prepared most of our meals from the bounty of the farm & preserved food for the winter ahead. 

we've been doing all of this from very little, believing our time & how we use it is invaluable. we're thankful for the creativity that comes from living simply. the act of working with the soil, preparing meals, putting up a jar or two of what we've grown, sharing with others & making photos to remember it all steadies my soul. 

we're thankful for this time to start anew. it truly does all feel "new"- our community, our home, our lifted spirits. we feel at peace & if you've been following along for a year or so, you know that's big.

we want to share all of this with you. we've reopened our etsy shop with some of our favorite film photos from our home, the farm, road trips & farmers' markets. we've made our photographs into postcards & stationery so you, too, can share with others. we're especially excited about our holiday cards that remind us of the small, simple moments during the winter season. here's a bit of what's in-store:



Daniela B. said...

Your new cards are so nice, you did a great job :-)
I am going to print some cards too and maybe open an Etsy shop!

Nicole said...

Beautiful words, Natalie. I am so glad you are finding peace in your new home.

Luke Freeman said...

I love these photos. This place is starting to really feel like home, isn't it? That is such a great feeling. And it makes me so delighted to see the wonderful community that you're tapping into here. This is a place where we can flourish. This is the right soil.

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

That colander in your photo? I have the same one, only it's been turned into a lampshade! With a meat grinder base. I so wish there were a way to attach a photo to show you!
- Katherine

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