we retreated to a cabin near the lake for our annual family retreat. luke's family began this tradition when he was just a wee tot & now that i have been added to the family, it's my favorite tradition of all- one that we will adopt when we have a family of our own. luke's mother & i dreamed this weekend of one day having the families of all of the siblings gathered together to dream up what that year might hold. for now, though, we snuggle together, all seven of us, to dream & set goals & enjoy each other's company.

we played games (monopoly deal, anyone?), made sushi rolls & had dessert with (almost) every meal. i knitted while luke ordered medicinal herb seeds for our summer garden. we napped & took early morning walks while it was still dark. 

what a wonderful year it has been & will continue to be.

happy monday!



Vanessa said...

This is what makes people want to be adopted into the Freeman family.

: )

Mechelle said...

Beautiful. Glad you enjoyed.

fawn & fern said...

Looks like such a beautiful & relaxing time! I love this tradition you guys have. And I could so go for one of those heart biscuits right about now!

Daniela B. said...

To take the time to just relax,to be together and dream is a wonderful thing.I love this tradition you have :-)
And the landscape is beautiful too!
Ps I am so happy that you are writing more frequently on the blog lately!!

abby said...

Welcome home, Natalie! What an awesome family tradition. And I love the images you chose to share here. They really tell a story.

Jess said...

ahhh that looks so peaceful and lovely. what a beautiful tradition!

Delphine said...

oh! first i was very excited by the atmosphere in your photos, then i saw the fleet foxes shirt, and got even more more more excited ;)

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