cabin getaway packing essentials

this evening we are leaving for our family retreat & heading to a cabin nearby. we gather with luke's parents & siblings each year, exchanging goals for the new year & reflecting on the previous. we draw & read, snack & talk, hike & play outdoor games. it's truly the most relaxing weekend & i savor it every year. 

since my first family retreat a little over three years ago, i've slowly perfected my packing essentials & would like to share some of those with you. if you happen on an opportunity to unplug in a cabin with loved ones, this packing list is for you!

1. snacks & tea. luke's parents are often the ones responsible for our menu (each meal voted on & agreed by the majority with special modifications for the extra picky), but i like to surprise the family with a few snacks & special drinks. this year i am bringing popcorn with fun toppings & my favorite chocolate chip cookies when a sweet treat is needed. i also like to bring an assortment of teas along with a few of my favorite mugs to make our space feel a little more 'at home.' 

2. layers. the weather is often unpredictable so i bring a small zip-up bag of comfortable layers. i always pack a pair of jeans for hiking along with my favorite wool sweater with wooden buttons. i like to bring a handful of shirts, including my long-sleeve striped shirt & a few neutral colored v-neck t-shirts to layer on top. i always pack thick socks & slippers to cozy up on the couch along with a few hand knits for walks with my camera.

3. books & projects & cameras. i love having a few projects on hand for those quiet moments in-between family time & meals. i always bring a book & my latest knitting project. this year i am also packing a small canvas bag of scrapbooking materials to finish our vacation photo book (more on that later!) from this summer. of course, let's not forget the several rolls of film & the three cameras i am carrying along to capture those special moments.

i am excited to see what this year's retreat brings! see you monday, friends!



Denise said...

your weekend sounds delightful.
I have that 7 book on hold at the library - I'll be curious what you think about it.


natalie said...

What a lovely weekend getaway idea!! I wanted to also say that I am a renown overpacker who was really inspired by this post. I follow you on Instagram & loved that you used pretty baskets to pack your items in! Enjoy your weekend!!

Laney Butler said...

love this post! have a fun weekend!

Gaby said...

hi natalie :) i just stumbled upon your blog this week and i'm totally in love. new follower and can't wait to keep reading x

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